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Brussels government loans for retail tenants

8 January 2021

The Brussels government recently launched an aid measure whereby the Region can make loans available to retailers and craftsmen that are no longer able to pay rent for their retail premises on Brussels territory. The Flemish Region adopted a similar measure on 29 May 2020.

Important legislative developments for B-REIT and S-REIF sectors

14 May 2019

Although the elections are fast approaching, the Federal Parliament has been very active during the past months, resulting in the adoption of numerous bills. Some of those are of significant importance for B-REITs (“Société Immobiliére Réglementée” (“SIR”) / “Gereglementeerde Vastgoedvennootschap” (“GVV”)) and S-REIFs (“Fonds d’investissement immobilier spécialisé” (“FIIS”) / “Gespecialiseerd Vastgoedbeleggingsfonds” (“GVBF”)).

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