An innovative collaboration between Deloitte Legal and Corporify

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13 July 2021

Deloitte Legal advises Corporify on the creation of a platform to digitally store and manage securities registers

With ecosystem thinking increasingly seen as essential, Deloitte Legal has developed and implemented a vision aimed at increasing our awareness of and interactions with the growing number of start-ups and scaleups relevant to our industry.  Our interactions can lead to different roles with any one company as we see this as a potential partnership as much as a client or supplier relationship.

We are happy to announce the result of our latest collaboration with Corporify:  together, we have worked on a platform for the digital storage and management of securities registers, including share registers. Corporify is bringing this to market as part of their suit of entity management solutions. See securities registers.

As a result companies are no longer required to keep the registers in hard copy format and avoid manual registrations in the register. The information is available anywhere, anytime from different devices (including mobile access).

More information on the legal framework of the electronic securities registers can be found in a recent publication by K. Maresceau and C. Michiels in TRV/RPS (nr. 2021/4).

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