ESG Regulations and International Business key takeaways form the ZGC Forum 2024 

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07 May 2024

Deloitte Legal partner Els Van Poucke recently participated in the ZGC Forum 2024, delving into the crucial discourse surrounding ESG regulations and international business sustainability. The insightful discussions emphasized the necessity for companies to view sustainability as more than just a compliance obligation but rather as a driving force reshaping the entire business landscape.

We are pleased to share the key takeaways from her session:

1️. Broadening Perspectives on Sustainability Reporting: Compliance with regulations such as the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) extends far beyond ticking boxes. It presents an opportunity for companies to integrate sustainability into their core operations and models, going beyond regulatory requirements.

2️. Resilient Supply Chains for a Sustainable Future: Our discussions highlighted the pivotal role of sustainability in shaping the future of supply and value chains. Initiatives like the EU Taxonomy Regulation and Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive (CSDDD) can drive transformative changes, fostering sustainability and resilience across the supply chain ecosystem.

3️. Embracing Circular Design: Ecodesign requirements bring both opportunities and challenges. Companies must navigate packaging regulations while reimagining branding strategies, all while adhering to new EU rules on waste management, necessitating innovative operational strategies and a steadfast commitment to sustainability.

4️. Decarbonization Imperatives: Decarbonization isn't just a buzzword; it's a mandate for the future. Our discussions emphasized the need for meticulous tracking and reporting of emissions, along with prioritizing investments in decarbonization projects to uphold commitments to sustainability and mitigate environmental impact.

5️. Combatting Greenwashing Risks with Transparency: Transparency is paramount in the face of new legislation mandating stringent B2C environmental claims. Companies must ensure the same rigor and trust in environmental performance information as they do with market-sensitive data, mitigating greenwashing risks and fostering genuine sustainability.

Let's together continue championing sustainability as a catalyst for positive change in the global business landscape!

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