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Director Legal Entity Management - Filip Van Acoleyen

05 October 2022

In this Q&A series we want to put our newly promoted colleagues in the picture. Our new entry in the series is Filip Van Acoleyen, Director of the Legal Entity Management offering.

Deloitte Legal-Lawyers (DL): Congratulations on your recent promotion to Director! What are you most looking forward to in the coming months and years?

Working with the team to identify new opportunities and develop new service offerings that will foster business growth and subsequently provide growth and opportunities for the team.

DL: What are the main challenges you see?

Finding the necessary resources will be key in developing the team and deliver outstanding services for our clients.

DL: What are your key focus areas?

In first instance further develop the full scope of services that we propose to our clients in the framework of the legal entity management offering, next to this I have a general focus on legal technology innovation and as product owner of myInsight Entity Management, I focus on the development and g2m activities of the technology asset. Finally, explore new opportunities in the rapidly evolving legal market where we are ideally placed with the team to assist our clients with legal support services.

DL: Do you have any recommendations for legal professionals wanting to advance their knowledge?

I would say in general, grasp every opportunity where you have the chance to learn and experience new things, both professionally and personally.

DL: If there is one misconception you could clear up about your areas of expertise, what would it be?

Legal entity management services used to be, to a large extend, a manual service offering but have evolved considerably over the last couple of years into a tech enabled offering which has resulted in a more efficient and cost effective offering.

DL: If you look back at yourself when you started, what advice would you give yourself?

Stay well connected with your colleagues and the offerings of the different service lines and business units as there will be opportunities to involve them in client files sooner or later which benefits both clients and Deloitte.

DL: Are there any closing thoughts you would like to share?

Looking forward to embarking on this exciting opportunity with the team!

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