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An EU Centre for a seamless cross-border service across all major jurisdictions and key business hubs 

Together with Washington DC, Brussels is one of the world’s foremost regulatory and antitrust enforcement centres. The Brussels-based Centre of Expertise in European Competition and Regulatory Law (“EU Centre”) assists clients in need for EU law advice on complex, cross-border and important competition and regulatory matters.

The EU Centre allows for a seamless cross-border service across all major jurisdictions and key business hubs through the international network of Deloitte Legal.

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Any client wanting to do business in the European Union (or often in countries with close links to the European Union) will face several challenges such as globalisation of merger control and aggressive cartel enforcement.

In addition, dominant companies’ behavior is under ever-increasing scrutiny by the European Commission, national competition authorities and national and European Courts.

Companies need to be much more careful for state aid compliance when receiving incentives from national, regional or local authorities such as investment subsidies, labor subsidies, R&D incentives, tax breaks, land to build factories, energy cost reductions, tax rulings, etc. 

Areas of practice:
  • Competition audit and compliance programs
  • Transactions (mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures)
  • Cartels
  • Dawn raids
  • Unilateral and concerted business conduct
  • State aid
  • Vertical agreements
  • Distribution and commercial arrangements
  • Licensing agreements
  • Civil antitrust litigation (damage claims)
  • Representation before the EU courts


Regulatory changes come with dizzying speed and complexity, often with massive implications for companies’ business models and competitive strategies.

Together with Deloitte, we offer multi-disciplinary, comprehensive and integrated regulatory services for clients in highly regulated sectors such as life sciences, energy & resources, consumer & industrial products and TMT.

Areas of practice:
  • Product compliance and liability
  • Regulatory due diligence, strategy and market access
  • Sector-specific regulations
  • Cross-sectoral legislation
  • Government investigations and enforcement
  • EU policy and legislative developments


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