Greenille Private Client team quoted in De Tijd on inheritance planning

Bart Verdickt and Alain Laurent Verbeke offer their views

7 September 2020

Greenille Private Client Partners Alain Laurent Verbeke and Bart Verdickt were quoted by De Tijd, in an article that underlines the benefits of planning inheritances in advance, as well as the important psychological factor, regardless of estate size or degree of wealth.

As previously highlighted by the Greenille Private Client team, peace of mind is a very important factor in this regard, something achievable by maintaining control over the assets in question. Alain Laurent Verbeke highlights testator anxiety over what will happen to assets left to heirs as the source of this need for control.

Donation is a recommended formula within inheritance planning. Here, Bart Verdickt underlines the pyramid model, which categorises assets depending on their use and value to the testator over their lifetime, thereby helping determine what can be donated.

Read the full article published by De Tijd

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