Laga's transformation into Deloitte Legal receives positive feedback

Milestone rebrand press coverage

24 January 2020

On 1 January 2020, Laga took a major step and became Deloitte Legal - Lawyers after 20 years of close collaboration with business consultancy firm Deloitte Belgium. Following this significant transformation, coverage has been published by Belgian business and legal outlets, such as leading business magazine Trends/Tendances and legal careers channel lexGo.

The two-decade old fruitful collaboration between Laga and Deloitte, the firm's significant role in a global network, and the important legal tech investments are all highlighted as Deloitte Legal positions itself as the law firm of the future in Belgium.

Read the coverage by Trends/Tendances (in French; subscription required) and LexGo (Dutch | French)

Source: Trends/Tendances, Gilles Quoistiaux, 16 January 2020,, Roularta Media Group

"We were the first in Belgium to associate with a consultancy firm. Others followed afterwards."
Danny Stas, Managing Partner

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