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About Deloitte Legal 

Our culture is defined by a personalised approach, a high level of competence and professional ethics.

Personalised approach

We focus on understanding our client's business needs and on developing strong long-term business relationships in order to help our clients manage their legal risks on a continual basis.

We aim to become a trusted advisor to our clients, providing innovative, business-oriented solutions in full knowledge of the facts.

Covering all angles

Our extensive range of services enables us to examine your situation from various angles. If your case requires it, your main trusted advisor will gather an appropriate team of lawyers and take a comprehensive, tailored look at your situation. You deal with the lawyer you know and trust, and have the comfort of knowing that he or she has access to the legal expertise across our firm.

To meet these diverse needs, our services are structured per practice area.

Our mission

As an organisation, we are committed to several goals that underpin our whole approach to how we do business:

  • We provide clients with professional service of the highest calibre combining technical excellence, commercial judgement and responsiveness
  • We abide by the highest standards of professional and ethical conduct
  • We care about our clients, always seeking to understand and focus on their needs
  • We operate in a team based environment, nurturing a culture of collegiality to the benefit of our clients and professionals

Clients appreciate that the lawyers are "always available."

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