Alain Laurent Verbeke interviewed by two newspapers on family businesses

"In family business, family comes first"

4 June 2018

Greenille by Laga Partner Alain Laurent Verbeke was recently interviewed by the De Standaard and Het Belang Van Limburg (HBVL) newspapers regarding family business. Alain Laurent, who regularly advises small and large family businesses, shared his expertise while in Hasselt (Limburg region) at the request of the VKW Limburg's Expert Centre for Family Businesses.

Family businesses are regarded as the backbone of the Flemish economy, especially that of the Limburg region. However, as the De Standaard and HBVL articles report, many of these businesses have recently changed ownership, moving the business decision centre further away to foreign territory. Alain Laurent was asked whether this is cause for concern.

In the articles, Alain Laurent underlines the importance of the 'family' element in family business.  If a family business moves to foreign and 'corporate' ownership, it will lose focus of long term growth and submit to the pressures of profit maximisation, according to Alain Laurent. 

Read the De Standaard or the Het Belang Van Limburg articles (subscription required)

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