Laga addresses legal challenges with Blockchain during KULeuven event

Philippe Heeren and Matthias Vierstraete addressed IT developers and engineers

16 November 2018

During an event hosted by KULeuven (Kulak) on 13 November 2018, Philippe Heeren and Matthias Vierstraete talked about legal challenges in relation to Blockchain based processes. Addressing IT developers and engineers, they discussed smart contracts, personal data protection, data ownership and contractual framework within a Blockchain context. Cases in supply chain were presented to provide a practical outlook.

Philippe and Matthias can be contacted for more information.

Recap: what is Blockchain?

Blockchain is the software behind cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. Although media coverage has so far focused on its cryptocurrency role, the technology is said to present many enhancement opportunities for processes and services.

Blockchain report

Philippe previously contributed to a report: "Blockchain: Legal implications, questions, opportunities and risks", published in March 2018 by Deloitte Legal. In addition to looking at the technology itself, the paper discusses legal and global trade considerations among others.

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