Laga assists Qbic II Fund Arkiv Comm. VA with PRIVAK/PRICAF accreditation

Taking on your challenges

6 November 2017

Laga assisted Qbic II Fund Arkiv Comm. VA with its accreditation as a “private privak” / “ pricaf privée”.

Qbic is a seed, early-stage and sector agnostic inter-university fund which invests in spin-offs and young innovating companies that have a technology link with Qbic’s partner universities and research institutions. Qbic is managed by an independent team of seasoned investment and business professionals. With over EUR 90 million under management, Qbic is one of the largest inter-university spin-off funds in Europe.

The team from Laga's Corporate - M&A practice was composed of Christoph Michiels and Astrid Delanghe.