Laga assists Soclinpar with public takeover of Euronext listed Sapec SA

Taking on your challenges

20 December 2017

Soclinpar announced the successful results of its public takeover of the Euronext-listed company Sapec SA. Soclinpar and related parties currently own 93.58% of the company's shares. The offer will be reopened in January 2018.

Laga assisted Soclinpar in this public takeover (takeover and tax laws, prospectus, discussions with the FSMA, etc.).

The multi-disciplinary team under the direction of Corporate - M&A Partner Benoît Féron included Tax Partner Eric von Frenckell, Julie Salteur, Alexandre Pasdermadjian, Adrien Fink, Nicolas Engelmann, Justine Smeets and Gauthier Davignon.

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