Laga contributes Belgian chapter to second edition of handbook for Real Estate transactions

The handbook covers Belgium and 19 other European countries, as well as China, Colombia, Mexico and Thailand

6 November 2017

Published by Deloitte Legal's Real Estate network, which includes Laga's Danny Stas and Maximilien van de Werve as members, this handbook describes the most relevant elements of the legal framework for real estate transactions in 20 European countries as well as China, Colombia, Mexico and Thailand, thereby representing a valuable tool for getting familiar with local regulations relevant for any type of real estate.

As part of individual country chapters, the legal basis for real estate law, the types and nature of ownership rights as well as other rights in rem, the registered system, approval and notarisation requirements as well as the role of notaries public are depicted. Thereafter, the topics that are of particular relevance for transactions, namely representations and warranties and liability regime as well as the creation of collateral/mortgages, etc. with respect to real estate are being described. Moreover, the country chapters elaborate on regulations and restrictions for the lease of real estate, transaction cost and transaction tax as well as other taxes, public law permits and approvals as well as regulations related to contamination and associated liability regimes.

Maximilien van de Werve and Saskia Verbeek from Laga's Real estate practice co-authored the Belgium chapter.