Laga publishes new book on corporate bonds in collaboration with Ghent University

Laga's Kristof Maresceau is the co-author

8 September 2017

Laga is proud to announce the publication of the new book on corporate bonds (800 pages), which is the result of an intensive collaboration with the University of Ghent (Financial Law Institute).

Announced as a new standard work in the relevant literature and labelled with the GPRC-Code (meeting the highest international academic standard), the book fills an important gap in the Belgian doctrine. It explores every stages in the lifecycle of corporate bonds, including the issuance of bonds, the organization of the general meeting of bondholders, the (failure of) repayment by the bond issuer, the impact in case of corporate reorganisations, etc.  Besides a deep and extensive legal analysis, the book also offers practical tips and tricks for both issuers and bondholders.

View the book on the publisher's website