Patrizia Macaluso interviewed by De Tijd on divorce settlements

As of 1 September 2018 the procedure for a divorce in mutual consent can be completed fully in writing

4 June 2018

Patrizia Macaluso, Senior Associate at Greenille by Laga, was recently interviewed by the De Tijd newspaper on divorce settlements and upcoming new legislation in this regard.

Married couples who aim to end their marriage can opt for divorce by mutual consent, which would require them to reach an agreement on divorce matters such as distribution of household assets and family arrangements. Under current legislation, couples that have been living as a separated one for under six months are obliged to proceed through their divorce in court, even if they have an agreement on all relevant matters.

As Patrizia confirms and elaborates upon in the article, the rules will change from 1 September 2018. With the new rules' entry into force, the above obligation will be abolished and divorce proceedings will be completed in writing (see 24 May 2018 Newsflash (in Dutch)). 

Read the article published by De Tijd

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