Philippe Heeren participates in WTO blockchain workshop on international trade

Insights on Blockchain's legal challenges

30 November 2018

In Geneva, the first ever WTO workshop on Blockchain opportunities and challenges on trade featured Laga Associate Philippe Heeren, who participated in insightful discussions regarding the legal challenges raised by the new technology. Blockchain technology is seen as having a considerable and potentially disruptive impact on the current trade landscape.

Philippe participated in an afternoon panel discussion on the opportunities and challenges of Blockchain, along with Mr. Touradj Ebrahimi (ISO expert) and Mr. Lance Thompson (UN/CEFACT – UNECE Secretary). The issues of standardisation, regulation, and the contractual framework were looked at.

The role of the WTO in Blockchain technology was then debated through a broader panel, attended by representatives of the European Commission, the World Customs Organisation and the Australian authorities, among others. A full overview of the programme can be consulted online.

In parallel to the workshop, the WTO released its publication on Blockchain: “Can Blockchain Revolutionise International Trade?”. The book is authored by Mrs. Emmanuelle Ganne (policy advisor) with Philippe's contribution and support.

Philippe Heeren is readily available to provide more information on Blockchain technology and its legal and regulatory aspects.


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