More than one

Laga's collaborative spirit

"A Laga team doesn't just provide technical expertise and traditional advice. We bring refreshing insights and take a clear and firm stand when dealing with even the most complex problems."

Danny Stas, Managing Partner, Laga

"We have a strong focus on innovation, diversity, ethics and integrity. This helps to create a collaborative, people-focused culture built on mutual respect and open communication."

Tim Baart, Talent Partner, Laga

Let’s take on your challenge, together

When you take on an important business challenge, don’t go at it alone. Our team of talented lawyers have built a reputation by delivering outstanding services to clients, day in, day out. We assemble the best teams around client projects. Teams that go beyond what others think possible: beyond technical expertise, beyond just rational advice, beyond the traditional. Teams with the ability to reach even further – thanks to their access to Deloitte, the world’s leading professional services firm, and to a global network of top law firms. Teams that bring refreshing insights and that know how to take a clear, firm stand with the most complex problems. This, we are proud to say, is what makes us Laga.

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