The new Belgian Companies Code

Transformation of the Company code landscape

The new Companies Code is a major modernisation of the current Belgian company law, bringing advancements in flexibility and simplification.

Deloitte Legal presence at the source of new legislation

One of Deloitte Legal’s Senior Associates was part of the Expert Committee appointed by the Council of Ministers to prepare the new Companies Code and was also responsible for the drafting of a number of chapters of the new code.

Integration of reforms in corporate governance

Any Belgian company will have to go through a transition process, which Deloitte Legal can facilitate thanks to:

  • A panel of experts
  • Inhouse-developed technology
  • A multi-disciplinary approach thanks to Deloitte Legal’s alignment with Deloitte*

Inhouse-developed technology

myInsight Entity Management (formerly Element)

Supports the end-to-end corporate compliance process
  • Due date and task tracking
  • Automated project management
  • Document generation


Contract automation tool

Allows any kind of contract between two or more parties to be compiled, based on limited input data.

*Deloitte Legal – Lawyers CVBA and Deloitte Belastingconsulenten CVBA have entered into a privileged, multidisciplinary cost-sharing agreement.

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