Corporate compliance and corporate secretarial services

Your guide to compliance obligations

Companies and company directors have the onerous responsibility of ensuring that their companies (in frequently diverse locations) are fully compliant with their corporate law obligations at all times. Ensuring timely compliance is a significant challenge, particularly within a global environment where regulatory change is common and sanctions for non-compliance can be severe. Ensuring corporate compliance creates administrative burdens and can be time consuming and a significant distraction for the management.

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"At Deloitte Legal – Lawyers we are committed to helping our clients in the best possible manner, using innovative techniques to ease the administrative burden across functional and geographical boundaries"

Tim Baart

We offer a full scope of corporate compliance services, including:

  • Routine, recurring corporate compliance services (e.g. approval and filing of annual accounts, (re-) appointment of directors, auditors, etc.)
  • Corporate health checks, consistency analysis, status reports and remediation plans
  • Incorporation of companies and establishment of branch offices
  • Periodic changes and one-off events, such as extraordinary shareholder meetings, constitutional changes
  • Notarisation and legalisation (apostille) services

As a full service law firm we are able to offer you more than just compliance. If and when legal expertise is required in other areas of the law we are able to provide these in a seamless way. We want to do more than simply deliver an accurate, cost-effective compliance service. Our approach to corporate secretarial services is designed to provide standardised documentation for recurrent corporate secretarial requirements.

We offer a flexible, modular approach and delivery model to respond to our clients’ needs. In doing so, we leverage on our multinational client relationships to meet company directors’ compliance requirements with a focus on risk management and good governance. We have access to a global network of dedicated lawyers with local and international expertise and vast experience in providing corporate compliance services. They are well accustomed with our approach and delivery model. This results in a seamless and coordinated service offering across different jurisdiction.

We have relevant tools and ideas ranging from using specific project management technology and data analytics to technical compliance solutions to help you achieve the greatest value. Our aim is to enhance the standardisation of corporate compliance and housekeeping processes and to invest in supporting technologies in order to help transform processes and technologies, aligning data and improving efficiency and transparency.