Matrimonial Property Regimes in an International Context

Impact and limitations of the new EU Regulations, and a refresher on key cross-border estate planning issues

STEP Cross-Border Estates Special Interest Group

7 December 2018 (London) | 1:15 pm (2:15 pm CET)

Greenille by Laga Partner Bart Verdickt will be moderating a panel discussion during a conference organised by the STEP Cross-Border Estates Special Interest Group in London.

Among several other topics, the event introduce matrimonial property regimes both in relation to common law jurisdictions and civil law jurisdictions, and will provide a full review of both the EU Matrimonial Property Regulation and the EU Regulation on the Property Consequences of Registered Partnerships.


Hilton London Bankside, 2-8 Great Suffolk Street, London, SE1 0UG, United Kingdom


Monday 7 December 2018, 1:15 pm - 5:35 pm (2:15 pm - 6:35 pm CET)

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