The challenge

The regulatory landscape is changing at an unprecedented rate and maintaining local and cross-border compliance is a challenge. Company directors are tasked with the onerous responsibility to ensure their organisations remain fully compliant with legal and statutory obligations.

Automation of the corporate compliance process may lead to better management of risk, mitigation of directors’ liability, and increased efficiency. It will also offer opportunities to proactively manage overall corporate compliance and add value to your organisation at large.

myInsight Entity Management is an innovative cloud solution built on Deloitte Legal’s specialist knowledge that helps manage complexity and risk, giving better control of data and insight into the entity compliance process. The tool increases efficiency, improves control, and increases the quality of the corporate compliance process.


Improve your corporate compliance process

An interactive dashboard brings visibility to the ongoing legal compliance challenge.

Increase efficiency and reduce costs

The technology tool provides legal professionals the opportunity to do more with less.

Streamline project timelines, and align resources

The compliance calendar supports automated due date tracking.

Mitigate risk

The tool supports legal departments to mitigate risk by eliminating manual intervention.

Improve quality and control of data

Group entity corporate data is securely managed and accessible via a (secured and private) cloud database.

Comply with laws and regulations

Diligent corporate compliance will provide ease of mind and allow resources to focus on other business objectives.


Our technology-enabled corporate compliance solution supports local and cross-border legal entity management activities in view of meeting ongoing legal compliance challenges.

Interactive dashboard

Auto document and report generation

Compliance calendar

Corporate document library

E-signature functionality

Organisational charts

Cloud database information management

Project management

How it works

Entity Management laptop

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