15th annual LDO legal operations survey results

Legal operations trends: Less isolation, more integration

Business leaders want their legal operations professionals to be more involved in strategic initiatives. Our latest legal operations survey results show that many of those legal team members are embracing this opportunity. And expanding their team’s influence across their organizations.

The changing face of the law department

Many law department operations (LDO) professionals, along with their law departments, have historically functioned as a sort of island unto themselves, with limited interaction with other areas and departments. The results of the 15th Annual Law Department Operations Survey show this is changing.

The law department, with the support and leadership of legal department operations professionals, has become far more closely integrated with the rest of the enterprise. In many instances, it is being entrusted with more areas of oversight, demonstrating its value in disciplines that range far beyond what was once typically considered the purview of the legal function.

15th Annual Law Department Operations Survey

About this legal operations survey

The Annual Law Department Operations Survey by Blickstein Group was first created in 2008 to give law departments a consistent benchmarking platform and shed light on the then-emerging profession of law department operations.

The survey results include more than 300 data points on how LDO professionals can use process, technology and outside counsel optimization strategies to guide their companies through a potential downturn and relieve the pressures facing today’s law department.

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