Deloitte Legal works together with leading entities in the Legal and Legal Technology sectors to forge a dynamic ecosystem guiding legal departments through digital transformation.

Deloitte Legal is working together with several key players in the Legal and Legal Technology industry to create a vibrant ecosystem that advises legal departments in their digital transformation. Feel free to contact us to learn more about our alliances or to become a member of this growing ecosystem.


Clausebase is a document automation platform that enables legal practitioners to draft better documents faster by combining smart templates with a library of pre-approved clauses. Clausebase and Deloitte Legal work together to advise organisations in digitizing their legal function.


Contractify is a Belgian contract management software provider. Together, Deloitte Legal and Contractify offer contract management solutions to clients.


Corporify is a legal tech scale-up specialized in software for legal entity management and corporate housekeeping. Deloitte Legal advises Corporify in bringing this platform to the market as part of their entity management solutions suit, and offers advice on its creation, as well as on the digital storage and management of securities registers.


By entering into an alliance, Knowliah and Deloitte Legal accelerate the digitalization of risk mitigation and contractual compliance in legal departments and their stakeholders.

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