Constructive communication

Avoiding conflicts by constructive communication

MCC facilitates conversations and dynamics in groups or teams when people experience difficulties to address complex topics in a constructive or healthy way. When people are unable to (re-)connect with each other, facilitation by a third (external) expert in communication and negotiation skills, can support them to reconnect. The facilitator plans, guides and manages the group discussions, creating buy-in from everyone who is involved. In addition to facilitation, MCC offers training and workshops teaching these hard “human skills”.

Tips for constructive communication:

  • Use “I” and not “You” messages to avoid blaming and accusing your counterpart. Explain how you feel personally.
  • Be complete and specific in your message. Share your observations, thoughts, feelings and needs.
  • Be as objective as possible, avoid using feelings as a weapon.
  • Be tough on the issue, soft on the person. Search for solutions.
  • Focus on the future and the solution, don’t dwell on the past.
  • Pay attention to your body language as well as to your emotions, resolve negative feelings instead of letting them grow into grudges.
  • Don’t be offensive, instead ask for feedback.
  • Don’t shut down, speak out and give your version (your truth)