Family Business Dynamics - Governance 

Support and guidance of wealthy families 

Smart family firms invest in long-term understanding of each other and continuity. Hence, it is necessary to learn how to communicate constructively and listen actively, to make sure that every family member has a role that suits him or her, be it in the context of the family or the business.

Our Family Business Dynamics - Governance offering taps into all of our MCC-offerings. Different services (facilitation, coaching, workshops) are combined into a trajectory tailored to the family (members) and their needs. We use our three gear model to help the family grow in the contexts of their private sphere, the family business and their investment wealth. Our three phase model of family planning, with the last phase being ‘the implementation of an estate and tax planning’, typically starts with a ‘preparing phase’ (Discovery Lab) to “set the scene” and help the family “levelling the playing field”. Often we then facilitate the family’s trajectory of ‘negotiating the family deal’, resulting in a family charter or, better in our view, a family compass. 

You can find more information on the FBD-G offering on this page