Trainings And Workshops

For in-house and external parties 

Below are listed the different themes around which MCC can develop workshops.


Possible topics


  • How to best engage in constructive communications.
  • How to listen in an active way and give constructive feedback.


  • How to prepare for a negotiation.
  • What skills are crucial in the negotiation process.
  • How to deal with a difficult counterpart.


  • How ensure that everyone’s needs and voices are heard.
  • How to facilitate a negotiation process to come to mutually understandable agreements.
  • How to integrate online tools in the mediation process.


  • What leadership means for the leader.
  • Identifying the leader’s strengths and pitfalls as a leader.
  • How to select the appropriate leadership style in a particular situation.

Conflict Management

  • How to deal with frustrations and irritations.
  • Identifying what happens in a conflict on a psychological and neurological level.
  • How to engage in constructive conflict management.
  • How to analyse conflict.
  • What conflict styles work best in certain situations.
  • What the role is of culture in conflict management

Group Dynamics

  • How to understand the development of a group, team or family over time.
  • What the implicit norms and values of the team are.
  • How to best communicate within a group.
  • What roles are needed to work better together and to improve productivity.

Change Management & Innovation

  • How to overcome resistance when implementing change.
  • What the role of learning in change initiatives is.
  • What is needed to build, support and drive intrinsic motivation and adaptation.

Legal Labs

Inform and educate teams and families on legal topics that are relevant for them. Topics include:

  • From natural person to a holding company
  • Governance vehicles such as partnership (maatschap), foundation, trust
  • Transgenerational transfer of assets through wills or donations
  • How to create a balanced system of transgenerational governance rules
  • Understanding the difference between ownership and management of a company
  • Understanding the company balance sheet


The format of the workshops is the following:

  • Tailor made
  • Interactive
  • Questionnaires, assessments and surveys are used
  • Cases and exercises are included

Workshops can also be combined into an Academy or group dynamics weekend. In an Academy, several workshops are planned over time (learning trajectory). In a group dynamics weekend, participants engage in exercises and debrief sessions on different topics (as agreed with the client) during one, two or more days. Academies are offered both in the context of families (e.g.: with next gen of one or more family “branches” or even generations) and of the business (e.g.: with senior managers of a department or with the members of the board of directors)