Social Elections 2020

The recent changes and novelties, with a focus on measures and considerations for preparations

Within precisely one year after the 2019 elections (European, Federal and Regional), social elections will have to be organised by Belgian companies with a personnel quota exceeding 50 employees. Employee representatives will be (re-)elected for the Works Council and/or the Committee for Prevention and Protection at Work (also often referred to as the Health and Safety Committee).

To help take a closer look at these social elections, the Employment, Pensions and Benefits team of lawyers prepared a brochure summarising the recent changes and novelties surrounding social elections in Belgium, focusing on measures and considerations to be taken into account in preparing for these elections.

How can Deloitte Legal help?

Our Employment, Pensions and Benefits team is readily available to answer all questions related to social elections, assist companies through all different steps of the election procedure and advise them with the implementation and daily activities of the consultative bodies.

Download our Social Elections 2020 brochure

French version coming soon

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