Workforce Tuning

Futureproof your workforce

We guide you through the maze of legal tools to help you redesign your organisation.

Your challenges

Current economic, social and environmental challenges cause major shifts in business and society. Building a resilient organisation, companies redefine their strategy, transforming and modernising operations, the work(place) and staff. Such an exercise may have a significant impact on your current workforce. A catalogue of legal tools is at your disposal to control or mitigate the impact, such as salary reductions, reduction of working time, temporary unemployment, individual dismissals, and many more.

  • Are you applying these measures strategically?
  • Are you considering legal constraints when doing so?


How we can help

Through our technology-enabled methodology, we help you to select and apply the most efficient tools and measures in a legally compliant manner. From the reduction of FTEs to the redesign of the remuneration policy, we can guide you through the maze of legal tools to help you redesign your organisation, both on the short and long term.

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Stijn Demeestere

Stijn Demeestere


Stijn Demeestere joined Deloitte’s Global Employer Services in 2013 before becoming head of Deloitte Legal - Lawyers’ People Law team in 2015. In 2020 he took on the additional role of Talent Partner.... More