Business Tranformation Offerings

“Business Transformation” refers to situations where a business decision fundamentally alters the organization, profoundly impacting employees. 

The scenarios our clients encounter typically involve corporate reorganisations or transactions resulting in staff transfers, as well as operational or commercial decisions leading to significant changes in roles, working conditions, or potential job losses, including collective dismissal or business closures.

We advise clients in navigating the HR and compliance challenges arising from such transformations on a recurring basis. The complexity escalates further if the restructuring spans multiple countries. As part of Deloitte Legal, operating in over 75 countries, our team can seamlessly coordinate projects globally, leveraging our extensive knowledge and global presence to allow effective cross-border collaboration.

How we can help

1. Transfer of employees

Pre-closing activities include:

  • conducting compliance reviews,
  • performing acquisition and vendor due diligence,
  • preparing provisional timetables, communications and mandatory documentation relating to information and consultation obligations.

Post-closing [add link to PMI – webpage]

2. Collective dismissal and closure

We work with businesses throughout a transaction, starting from analysing the HR impact during strategic decision-making and continuing through to application:

  • Investigating applicable legislation and formalities, including multiple legal definitions of collective dismissal with different thresholds, as well as regulations at industry or company level, and analysing their interference with possible contingency plans.
  • Creating timetables, step by step grids and cost estimations.
  • Managing communications relating to information and consultation of employees and representatives.

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Stijn Demeestere

Stijn Demeestere


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Alexis Ceuterick


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