Executives Solutions

Executives represent a crucial segment of any employer, characterized by their distinct needs and requirements.

As such, they demand a tailored approach distinct from that used for regular employees.

Throughout an executive's tenure within the company, organizations often face diverse challenges. These may stem from the rapidly evolving legal landscape, the imperative to manage company costs effectively, or inconsistencies within contractual arrangements or remuneration packages. Our distinctive end-to-end approach equips you to address these intricate challenges effectively.

How we can help:

Application of governance regime

We can advise in analyzing whether executives hold the correct (social) status and provide guidance in setting up and applying the corporate governance model. Our services typically include:

  • Conducting a feasibility analysis to investigate the appropriate status and identify any necessary changes needed to adjust the governance framework. We also advise in defending this choice, both internally and externally.
  • Advising with all necessary preparations for applying this status, including reviewing current entitlements, drafting the required contractual and corporate documents based on existing packages, analysing the current benefit package, negotiating with insurance brokers, and conducting comparative calculations.
  • Facilitating buy-in from executives and other stakeholders through extensive meetings and workshops. We detail the changes in their contracts and packages and provide them with the necessary level of comfort.
  • Advising in the full application process, including making necessary publications and providing payroll instructions.

Executive lifecycle support

In the fast-evolving landscape, we can further advise you at every step of an executive’s lifecycle within the company:

  • At the outset, we can aid in drafting the employment contract or management agreement, and provide advice on applicable insurances, social security, and tax legislation to consider.
  • Additionally, we serve as a one-stop shop for any inquiries related to global mobility compliance, international board mandates, and compensation design.
  • Finally, we bring extensive experience in executive terminations. From initial analysis of potential employment claims to addressing associated immigration, personal tax, and social security issues, we provide comprehensive support. We guide you from start to finish, including drafting settlement agreement(s), providing instructions for payroll processing, deregistration from commune, and resignation from mandates. We consider the full picture.
  • Furthermore, we offer hands-on experience in addressing the challenges faced by quoted companies or those situated in the highly regulated FSI sector.

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Stijn Demeestere

Stijn Demeestere


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Alexis Ceuterick


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