Public Offerings

Within our People Law team, we boast a dedicated group of professionals who possess significant experience in providing employment related advice and advisory assistance within the public sector.

We have maintained continuous involvement with numerous cities and municipalities, autonomized entities, intermunicipal companies, the Flemish Government, Flemish institutions and (University) hospitals.

This extensive experience enables us to offer practical guidance on addressing HR issues in the highly regulated public environment, covering both civil servants and contractual employees. Furthermore, our team benefits from industry segmentation within Deloitte (Legal), including “Government & Public Services,” which keeps us abreast of the latest emerging trends and their implications. This makes sure that we integrate legal theory with the factual and political realities, providing our clients with comprehensive and informed advice.

Clients reach out to our People Law team for advice in navigating complex regulations, addressing HR issues, allowing compliance, and staying informed about industry trends in the public sector.

  • Navigating Complex Regulations: Clients in the public sector often face intricate employment regulations specific to government entities, cities, municipalities, and autonomous bodies. They seek our knowledge to navigate these complexities effectively.
  • Addressing HR Issues: Our clients require advice in handling a wide range of human resources issues within the public sector, including matters related to civil servants and contractual employees. They rely on our practical guidance to address these challenges efficiently.
  • Reach Compliance: With the public sector being highly regulated, clients need to make sure they are compliant with labour laws and regulations. They turn to us for advice in interpreting and adhering to these legal requirements.
  • Staying Informed: Clients benefit from our industry segmentation within Deloitte (Legal), particularly in the "Government & Public Services" sector. They rely on us to stay updated on the latest emerging trends and their implications, allowing them to make informed decisions and adapt their practices accordingly.

How we can help

1. Advisory work and litigation support related to day-to-day matters (from A – Z)

  • Disciplinary proceedings
  • Dismissals
  • Drafting of internal regulations (“rechtspositieregeling/statuut”)
  • Introduction of a mobility budget
  • Introduction of a flexible benefits plan
  • ...

2. Corporate reorganization projects

  • Information and consultation obligations
  • Potential transfer of civil servants/contractual staff
  • The drafting of regional regulations to facilitate these transactions
  • Pension impact
  • ...

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Stijn Demeestere

Stijn Demeestere


Stijn Demeestere joined Deloitte’s Global Employee Services in 2013 before becoming head of Deloitte Legal - Lawyers’ Employment, Pensions and Benefits team in 2015. In 2020 he took on the additional ... More

Alexis Ceuterick

Alexis Ceuterick


Alexis Ceuterick joined Deloitte Legal – Lawyer’s Employment, Pensions and Benefits team in June 2022. Alexis is an employment law and social security specialist and known for finding innovative and p... More