Social Compliance, Social Audits & Social Inspections Offerings

Addressing the complexities of social compliance, audits, and inspections is crucial for organizations.

Employers are faced with uncertainty during social inspections, risking non-compliance consequences. Deloitte Legal offers tailored guidance to navigate these challenges, allowing proactive social compliance and reporting, transparent audits, and professional handling of inspections.

Client perspective:

  • Need for a clear understanding of social compliance responsibilities.
  • Need for integrated social compliance policies and procedures.
  • Internal awareness of potential risks and consequences of non-compliance.
  • No possibility to anticipate the scope and timing of ad hoc social inspections.
  • Difficulty in providing required documents, risking compliance gaps.

How we can help:

Deloitte Legal's holistic approach empowers businesses to navigate social compliance challenges, build a resilient corporate culture, and confidently face social inspections. We offer:

Social Compliance
We proactively recommend policies and procedures in accordance with Belgian employment and social security legislation, with a focus on prevention and addressing social compliance issues proactively.

Social Audits
We conduct a comprehensive evaluation of social and sustainable performance, with a specific focus on employment and social security practices, including working time regulation, minimum wages, employee wellbeing, safety, and related aspects.

Social Inspection services
We offer professional guidance for managing social inspections both proactively and reactively. Our proactive services are providing checklists, readiness scans, workshops, and pre-audit advice with the intention to be prepared. Next to that we advise during social inspections and this from desktop to onsite advisory assistance to mitigate risks during social inspections.

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Stijn Demeestere

Stijn Demeestere


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Alexis Ceuterick


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