Katalien Bollen

Greenille Private Client

Senior Manager Family Dynamics Expert

Katalien Bollen

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Luchthaven Brussel Nationaal 1 J

1930 Zaventem


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Dr. Katalien Bollen leads the Deloitte Legal MCC (Mediation, Communication, Coaching) Team. She is a mediator and Senior Expert in both Deloitte Legal MCC and Family Business Dynamics - Governance Teams (Greenille Private Client). She advises families and family businesses aiming to achieve sustainable family harmony. Katalien has extensive experience in group dynamics and group training.

As an organisational psychologist, Katalien obtained her PhD on the topic of mediation in hierarchical labour conflicts, looking at the influence of power, emotions, and the use of online tools on mediation effectiveness. She is the author of numerous international academic and professional publications in her field.

At KU Leuven, she teaches the subject of group dynamics, negotiation and mediation (Faculty of Psychology and Faculty of Law). She is editor of the Journal of Conflict Management. 

Katalien Bollen