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Katalien Bollen

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Katalien Bollen (PhD) is Senior Expert Family & Business Dynamics within Deloitte Legal (Greenille Private Client Team). She supports and guides wealthy families in relation to questions they hold with regard to family issues (e.g., How do we discuss difficult topics? How do we solve conflict?), the family business (business wealth) (e.g. Is it possible for family members to work in the family business? And if so, under which circumstances?), and investment wealth (e.g. What are the areas we want to invest in?). In order to do so, Katalien engages with families in trajectories over time during which families learn how to communicate, negotiate and make decisions together. For example by working on a Family Compass or Family Charter. The aim is twofold: (a) to come to Governance rules (Who is going to decide what, when) and (b) to make sure that every family member feels recognized and responsible to act as a sustainable shareholder.

Katalien is a mediator and has vast experience as a trainer in Group, Team & Family Dynamics.

Katalien obtained her PhD “Mediation in hierarchical labor conflicts” at the University of Leuven (KU Leuven). Currently, Katalien is involved in several courses at the KU Leuven both the Faculty of Psychology and Law. She supervises several PhD’s on Family Business, Conflict Management, Mediation, Leadership and Coaching.

Next to academic publications, Katalien her work gets attention from professional publication platforms.

Katalien Bollen