Stefanie Van de Perre

Employment, Pensions and Benefits


Stefanie Van de Perre

Raymonde de Larochelaan 19B

9051 Ghent


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Stefanie is part of the Deloitte Legal's Employment, Pensions & Benefits practice. She is an employment law and social security specialist, known for her outside the box thinking, innovative and pragmatic solutions for all her clients’ personnel related legal matters.

Stefanie is a well know expert for social inspections in Belgium and advises the Belgian government on topics of social criminal law. She wrote a handbook on the topic which is used in the master after master social law. In addition, she advises clients on employment and social security law related aspects of compensation packages, structuring self-employment relations (consultancy and management agreements), the S within ESG and social inspections.

Next to that Stefanie was a lecturer at Ghent University College for 7 years.

Stefanie Van de Perre