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Director - Samuel Vanthienen

06 December 2023

In this Q&A series we want to put our newly promoted colleagues in the picture. Our second entry in the series is Samuel Vanthienen, Director in the Tax Dispute Resolution team.

Deloitte Legal-Lawyers (DL): Congratulations on your recent promotion to Director!  What are you most looking forward to in the coming months?

I am excited to embark on the next phase of my journey within Deloitte Legal, as I step into the role of director. The chance to actively contribute to strategic decision-making processes, not only within our team but also across the broader Deloitte Legal organization, is something I look forward to. I am enthusiastic about the opportunity to continue working with the people in my team: to assist and aid them in their further professional growth.


DL: What are the main challenges you see?

One of the foremost and continuous challenges is to maintain to inspire and attract qualified young people who possess the right motivation and drive to work at Deloitte Legal and contribute to the success of our firm.


DL: What are your key focus areas?

As part of the tax controversy team, my focus is mainly on assisting our clients with all aspects of (direct) tax audits and disputes. Within my domain of expertise I have further specialized in international taxation, and especially in transfer pricing disputes. I'm passionate about assisting our clients, often multinational companies, in navigating through discussions with the Belgian tax authorities.


DL: Do you have any recommendations for lawyers wanting to advance their knowledge? 

I believe there are tremendous opportunities within our organization to expand knowledge and skills across all areas. Especially in the field of taxation, there are frequent internal seminars organized by Deloitte, which you, as a Deloitte Legal lawyer, can freely enrol in. Another recommendation is to nominate yourself to present a topic from time to time (eg. at team level, Deloitte Legal Learn & Lunch sessions, GBT Learn & Lunch events, …). If you can explain something clearly to others, you truly grasp the subject matter.

DL: If there is one misconception you could clear up about your areas of expertise, what would it be?

The common misconception is that, based on our litigation expertise, we exclusively handle cases before the courts. However, a significant majority of our cases is resolved through agreements in the administrative phase, without the need to proceed to court.


DL:  If you look back at yourself when you started, what advice would you give yourself?

I would advise my younger self to embrace every opportunity for learning and growth without hesitation. I would stress the importance of building a strong network within both Deloitte Legal and Deloitte. Closely linked to that, I would encourage myself to step out of my comfort zone more often (and sooner) to connect with colleagues across the organization.


DL:  Are there any closing thoughts you would like to share?

In closing, I want to express my gratitude for this opportunity and for the trust placed in me as I step into the role of director. I am excited to contribute to the continued success of our firm. 

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