Environment & Waste Solutions

As awareness grows around the risks of climate change, investors, customers, and regulators are intensifying their scrutiny of businesses' environmental impact. The imperative for compliance with regulations, both at the operational and product levels, has never been more crucial for ensuring market access in this changing landscape.

EU environmental regulations

We have a comprehensive EU regulatory practice, which focuses on complex regulatory analysis including in relation to energy, chemicals, waste, water, decommissioning and permitting and the transition to a circular economy.


Environmental permitting

The enforcement of environmental requirements is important not only in relation to operational compliance, but also for project development. Project developers need to pay close attention from the outset to ensure that their permitting procedures are robust to manage exposure to future third party challenges and associated risks. Our team provides strategic legal advice to help you meet these challenges in a timely and cost-effective manner.

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Els Van Poucke

Els Van Poucke


Els Van Poucke joined Deloitte Legal – Lawyers’ Commercial team in December 2022. Els is a highly skilled lawyer with extensive international expertise in drafting and negotiating commercial contracts... More

Dominique Vanherck

Dominique Vanherck


A member of Deloitte Legal's Public law, regulatory & permits team, Dominique is a sustainability expert with a particular focus on the energy sector. She advises clients on all climate and energy law... More