Enabling Ourselves and Clients alike: a GenAI first approach

The impact of GenAI is twofold: enhancing Deloitte Legal's internal capabilities and revolutionizing our clients' legal departments.

Our commitment? We pledge to harness the full potential of AI-integrated technologies, empowering our team with cutting-edge tools, and providing comprehensive AI integration advice for our clients. This advice ranges from facilitating seamless system upgrades to empowering legal departments and offering guidance on how to integrate AI into their legal operations. This commitment goes beyond mere adoption; it signifies a dedication to a transformative alliance between Deloitte Legal and GenAI.

We are working hard to create Deloitte Legal’s own AI-powered legal advisor. Merging our legal knowledge with publicly available data and cutting-edge AI will allow us to involve our AI solutions as an extended team member, elevating the accuracy and insightfulness of our legal advice, offering a unique, interactive AI platform.

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