Legal Managed Services (LMS)

Automate where possible, self-service where relevant, outsource where needed

In addition to our LMC offering, Legal Managed Services give you access to qualified lawyers under a commercial model which incentives us to do the right thing for your organisation. That means automate where possible, self-service where relevant, outsource where needed and exercise our legal judgement wherever it is genuinely needed, while providing you with real-time data that enables us to work together towards continuous improvement.

When partnering with the Legal Managed Services team at Deloitte you can expect to achieve greater control over your legal spend and your contractual terms, the ability to flex your legal team’s capacity in line with fluctuating demand and the opportunity to gain access to Deloitte’s specialised legal, technical and business resources as they are needed.


We offer a range of fully-integrated services including but not limited to:
    • MyInsight Entity Management
    • Contract Management : What is the purpose of the in-house legal team?
    • In house | Outside legal counsel

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Jan Roggen

Jan Roggen

Director, Legal Operate

Jan heads the Belgian Legal Operate practice at Deloitte Legal.  He has 20 years of experience working as an in house lawyer for the Belgian Government and as an attorney in private practice. Prior to... More