Insolvency and Reorganisation

Helping our clients handle financial distress

By advising on pre-insolvency and insolvency legislation, Deloitte Legal – Lawyers’ Commercial law team has helped many companies to overcome their financial difficulties, as well as many creditors to obtain reimbursement of their claims. Some of these cases have received broad media coverage. As they can tap into an international network of law firms, our lawyers are able to solve the most complex cross-border issues.

Our services also cover advice and assistance during bankruptcy proceedings. Deloitte Legal – Lawyers could for example assist you with filing for bankruptcy, contact with the court and the court trustee.

Deloitte Legal – Lawyers has successfully defended its clients' interests in lawsuits related to both pre- insolvency and insolvency matters.

Furthermore, prevention initiatives are an increasingly important part of our work.

For more information regarding the insolvency and reorganisation practice, please contact Jürgen Egger or Glenn Hansen.


Head of practice