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Dispute resolution

Avoiding litigation whenever possible

Deloitte Legal’s Dispute resolution team has represented corporate and individual clients in many high profile court and arbitration cases. Still, the primary objective of our lawyers is to avoid disputes and to look for settlement options that best suit our clients’ needs. Only if no amicable solution can be reached, our lawyers will use their broad experience and skillset to safely navigate through litigation.

"[Deloitte Legal] is able to supply a strong, talented team that will find investor-pleasing, pragmatic solutions at short notice."

Chambers Global

Areas of expertise

We advise and represent private and corporate clients in, amongst others:

  • Tax litigation (corporate tax, VAT, customs and excises,
    personal income tax, international tax, etc.)
  • Commercial litigation
  • Criminal litigation
  • Corporate litigation
  • Employment litigation
  • Public law litigation

For cross-border litigation, Deloitte Legal works with a select number of other local law firms which are prominent in their respective jurisdictions, as well as with financial, insurance, advisory, tax and consulting specialists.

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