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Pay Equity In A Global Context: Key Topics And Trends For An Equitable Workplace

Dbriefs Legal | Webinar | 7 December 2021 | 15:00 CET

Host: Nicolaas Vermandel
Presenters: Kathryn Dooks, Wendy Van Hullebusch, Jessica Kearsey
and Robert O’Hara, Ann Knuckles Mahoney (Epstein Becker Green)

More and more companies focus on pay equity for a number of motives, such as ESG, employer branding, talent attraction and increased legal scrutiny.
Organisations should be mindful of pay discrepancies that might still exist
within job bands and analyse them based on gender, race, sexual orientation and other categories protected by law as any missteps can be very damaging. What changes might your organisation still need to make? We’ll discuss:

  • Key components of a pay equity audit, including the importance of conducting an audit under legal privilege.
  • Latest pay equity trends.
  • A global overview of evolving pay equity laws and legislation, with a focus on the US, UK and Canada.

Learn more about the pay equity audit landscape.