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Better, Faster, Stronger: Deloitte Legal’s Contract Lifecycle Management blueprinting methodology

21 September 2023, 11:00 CEST | Deloitte Academy

Presenters: Jan Roggen, Krzystof Kwiatek (Deloitte Poland), David Simon (Docusign CLM)

In today's dynamic business landscape, the ramifications of poor contract management are becoming clearer than ever. In conversations with clients, we often notice that time and budget constraints can be significant roadblocks to achieving Contract Lyfecycle Management (CLM) excellence. That’s why we’ve developed a smarter, more efficient path: blueprinting.

During this webinar, we’ll be in conversations with the first partner we’ve launched the blueprinting methodology for – DocuSign – discussing the ins and outs of blueprinting.

Join us as we share real-world insights, success stories, and practical strategies that demonstrate how this approach can revolutionize your CLM journey. We will explore how clients can benefit from using the methodology to enhance and simplify their initial CLM pilot phase to get to a minimal viable product quicker, more efficiently and at a lower cost up-front.

Whether you're a local or international business looking to derive benefits from CLM quickly or a forward-thinking organization seeking streamlined transformation, this webinar is tailored to you.

Your contact information, including email, might be passed on to DocuSign for the purpose of following up on your interests.

Please join speakers from Deloitte Legal and DocuSign on Thursday 21 September to explore this topic.

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EU Pay Transparency Directive Series – Episode 2: A Client Perspective

Wednesday 11 October 2023, 15.00 CEST | EMEA Legal Dbrief

Host: Kathryn Dooks
Presenters: Fraukje Panis, Anca Dranca-Iacoban [EXT- Ing], Wencke Boehm [EXT- Ing]

In this next episode from our series on the EU Pay Transparency Directive
we hear from Anca Dranca-Iacoban (Global HR Strategy Lead) and Wencke Boehm (Global Head of Broad-Based Reward) from ING Bank on lessons learned from undertaking their first Pay Equity analysis in 2022 and how they are preparing for implementation of the EU Pay Transparency Directive. We will also hear about preparations to undertake the Directive’s mandatory gender pay gap reporting across the EU; and to manage other key measures of the Directive including the ban on salary history questions to candidates and the requirement to publish pay bands for vacancies. We’ll discuss:

  • Skills built internally to undertake the analysis
  • Steps taken in preparation
  • Their approach to communications and other key considerations

Join us as we move towards the implementation of the new law.

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