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Successieplanning | verdiepende sessies

Hybrid classroom | Van 28/02/2023 tot 28/03/2023 | Postuniverstair Centrum KU Leuven

De verdiepende sessies successieplanning bieden aan die practici de mogelijkheid hun kennis verder uit te diepen en relevante inzichten te verwerven omtrent enkele punctuele topics.

Hélène Casman, Stefanie DenormeFrederic Heylen, Bart Verdickt (Deloitte Legal - Greenille Private Client

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Hot Topics in M&A – National Security And FDI: An Unstoppable Train

Wednesday 26 April 2023, 14.00 CET | EMEA Dbriefs legal

The forces that underpinned globalisation and borderless movement of capital have gone into reverse. Governments are increasingly willing to relinquish the benefits of inward investment and global capital in favor of economic nationalism and, as a consequence, detailed scrutiny of foreign investors through the application of national security and FDI laws. How do you successfully navigate this thicket of rules when executing an M&A transaction? Our panel of experts from UK, Germany, Belgium, France, and Spain Will discuss:

  • The rules, and how they might apply to your deal.
  • The impact on cross-border M&A and how the rules operate on a EU level.
  • Key areas of risk for both buyers and sellers.

The webcast is essential listening for in-house legal counsel and corporate development teams. Understand how to work with the rules to optimise execution of your transaction.

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Onder de loep: Juridische aandachtspunten bij internationaal ondernemen

Seminaries | 26 april, 3 mei, 9 mei, 23 mei 2023 | Voka | Brugge (Bedrijvencampus O-Forty) Kapellestraat 138, 8020 Oostkamp

Tijdens dit 4-delige traject nemen experts de belangrijke aspecten van internationale handel onder de loep en lichten het belang ervan toe.

De volgende juridische luiken komen aan bod:

  • Verschillende vormen van samenwerkingen met internationale partners
  • Contractwetgeving
  • Verpakkingswetgeving
  • Sociaaljuridische aspecten van internationale tewerkstelling

In deel 2 van het traject ,op woensdag 3 mei, gaat Deloitte Legal Senior Managing Associate Jasmijn Verraes dieper in op contractmanagement en de volgende topics: 

  • Waarom is een contract nodig bij internationale handel? Hoe jezelf indekken?
  • Een contract afsluiten met buitenlandse partners: aandachtspunten
  • Belangrijke clausules in internationale contracten 
  • Wat met prijsstijging, wanneer kan die doorgerekend worden?
  • Wat met toepasselijke wetgeving: welk land en waarom?
  • Wat met Arbitrage? Voor- en nadelen
  • Contractaspecten bij stopzetting samenwerking

Meer informatie over het traject op de website van Voka West-Vlaanderen

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New Roads To Dispute Resolution

Tuesday 23 May 2023, 14.00 CET | EMEA Dbriefs legal

A recent survey conducted by Euromoney CS for Deloitte Legal revealed that, since 2020, litigation activity has intensified across every metric, with almost two-thirds of companies (64%) noting a heavier caseload since before the COVID-19 pandemic. Furthermore, most of the respondents agreed that cases are now more complex and expensive, and are taking longer to resolve. Our panellists, legal professionals from Spain, UK and Germany will discuss the results, along with a guest speaker – Alejandro Rubio, State Lawyer and Head of Legal at Navantia. What were the burning issues? We’ll discuss:

  • The findings from the survey that gathered responses from 568 tax, finance, and legal professionals working for companies in the Americas, Asia-Pacific and EMEA
  • How greater financial risk has increased willingness to litigate, despite extra challenges
  • The escalated use of digitalisation and AI in the field

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