Tax Litigation

Decades of tax dispute experience

Our team of lawyers boasts decades of tax dispute experience in dealing with various tax administrations as well as assisting and representing clients before Belgian and European courts.

The litigation process in tax matters is very different from other litigation areas, as the tax authorities have different priorities and resources than a commercial counterparty. Dealing with tax disputes therefore requires a thorough analysis of the facts and a clear strategy, taking into account all circumstances.

Our team has a wealth of experience in providing integrated and specialised tax litigation services, in the most complex national and international situations. Our lawyers demonstrate experience in dealing with data mining, transfer pricing issues, valuation services and other essential elements of complex tax audits and litigation. Our network capabilities also allow us to leverage additional technical or industry knowledge if required.

We handle matters concerning (international) corporate income tax, personal income tax, VAT, customs & trade, as well as regional and local taxes before all national and international courts. Our team also regularly engages in more specialised matters such as Constitutional Court proceedings concerning tax laws.

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