Customs and Trade

Expertise in customs law and international trade law

Based in Brussels, our Customs and Trade team of lawyers assists companies with all matters related to the import and export of goods and services. Because of the increasing complexity of the rules and procedures governing trade, our team consists of customs experts and international trade experts who cooperate within a multidisciplinary and international network to find tailored solutions for our clients. Our expertise in both customs law and international trade law allows us to offer a joint approach consistent with the unique particularities of both areas.


EU customs laws play an important role in a company’s trade flows, and a customs dispute can severely affect its financial position. Our customs experts guide companies through the Member States’ interpretation, application, and enforcement of the customs legislation. Moreover, in the event of disputes, we represent companies before the national customs administrations, the European Commission, and the national and EU Courts.

When dealing with customs controversies, we believe in a risk-mitigating and solution-driven approach.

Prevention of customs disputes
  • Advice and request for decisions on the application of customs law;
  • Preparing for customs audits;
  • Consultation of authorities;
  • Voluntary disclosure;
  • Liability gap analysis and the contractual framework;
  • Apply for repayment or remission of duties.
Dispute resolution
  • Assessing the impact of non-compliance on the business and its contractors;
  • Providing support in administrative proceedings;
  • Taking mitigating actions towards contracting parties;
  • Representing clients before national (civil and criminal) and international (European Court of Justice, European Court of Human Rights) courts;
  • Consulting with the authorities in working towards an orderly settlement of the dispute at any time during proceedings.

As a Deloitte Legal network member firm, we are part of a global network of customs experts. Leveraging on this national and international network, our ancillary services allow for a true end-to-end solution. In addition to our international and multidisciplinary approach, clients value our close authority contact. We have supported the Belgian authorities and the European Commission in their customs-related law-making process.


Our international trade practice focusses in particular on trade remedies, assisting companies before, during and after trade remedy investigations. We represent our clients before the EU administrative institutions, national investigating authorities, the EU Courts and WTO Dispute Settlement System. Moreover, we also advise them on trade regulations and policy on a national, European and international level.

Considering the complex interplay between legal, business, policy and industry specific aspects, we collaborate with specialists at Deloitte tax consultants to ensure a complete solution, of which every angle has been examined.

Our clients are international players confronted with issues involving various territories and jurisdictions. Since we believe that in-depth knowledge of a domestic market and industry is essential, and because we highly value a personal contact with our clients wherever they are located, our international trade team has trade experts in every corner of the world ready to assist.

  • Assistance in sample selection;
  • Completion of the questionnaire responses;
  • On-the-spot verifications;
  • Dumping calculations;
  • Injury submissions;
  • Representation at hearings;
  • Disclosure comments;
  • Interim and expiry reviews.
  • Assistance in sample selection;
  • Completion of the questionnaire responses;
  • On-the-spot verifications;
  • Injury submissions;
  • Representation at hearings;
  • Disclosure comments;
  • Interim and expiry reviews.
  • Completion of questionnaire responses;
  • Injury submissions.


Our excise practice has extensive experience in advising on EU and national excise duties, and handling related disputes in that regard. Our primarily Belgian clients trade in alcoholic and non-alcoholic dutiable beverages, and energy products and electricity. We support our clients through the same controversy approach as for trade, dealing with topics of EMCS compliance, classification / valuation / origin, blending and colouring obligations, sampling, and stock accounting.


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